Important Messages from Musrenbang of IPB

Important Messages from Musrenbang (Development and Planning Consultation) of IPB

IPB’s mission to become an international higher education is certainly not an easy task. It must be supported by adequate facilities. For this reason all leaders of IPB held a Development and Planning Consultation (Musrenbang) for 2012 at IPB International Convention Center (23 / 6).

In his speech, IPB Rector, Prof. Herry Suhardiyanto said this year IPB is establishing toward the quality management system, the follow-up of the Prima Accreditation. Therefore, Rector expects all departments or faculties involved in the accreditation process to be able to finish it.

In addition, the construction of educational facilities such as laboratories, according to him, would be better to be at the university level so that not only specific departments or faculties can use the facilities but the academic members of the various faculties as well.

Further, Rector mentioned another important program, i.e. the development laboratory for Nano Technology that can be developed by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Faculty of Agriculture. However, he emphasized that the investment program of such magnitude is not possible only from public funds, so the funding from the state budget is very much expected.

Rector also raised the importance of entrepreneurship to be proven in the products from the gardens, stables, ponds and marine. Moreover, he cited the issue of IPB's ship repair as a means of student practices in fishery. He hopes that students of the Faculty of Fisheries IPB have practical work not only in Darmaga but also on the sea.

Rector advises to continue the program of plant clinics and increase the number of international publications and expects all research by IPB can be well managed in line with the overall performance.

Rectors in particular will announce proposals in Musrenbang to be funded in 2012 at the Wednesday Meeting of the whole IPB, 6 July 2011. (Mtd)
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