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Unpad Faculty of medicine was established based on two main philosophies, public benefit and togetherness. The idea to establish Faculty of Medicine first came from the Health Minister, dr. Lie Kiat Teng during IDI congress in Surabaya on 1953. Along with the establishment of Universitas Padjadjaran (Government Regulation No. 37/1957), Unpad Faculty of Medicine was established, as well as three other faculties. Then as science and technology in medical field develops, in 1979 the postgraduate program was opened.

Since 2001, Unpad Faculty of Medicine implements Problem Based Learning (PBL) method with student-centered, Problem-based, Community-oriented, early clinical exposure, Systematic (SPICES) concepts in process of lectures. PBL is believed as a medical education model that can make health workers who are capable of self development and adapt so they can find solutions themselves, without depending to lecturers and institution. In other words, they will be doctors who will be a long life self learner. Meanwhile, SPICES concept is implemented in the curriculum to encourage students to study and train their mindset. This curriculum integrated clinical and preclinical, also introduces clinic knowledge in form of cases and skill training on model or patient.
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