university gajah mada

Educational Program

According to Law no. 2 year 1989 about National Educational System; Governmental Regulation no. 60 year 1999 concerning Higher Education; Governmental Regulation no. 61 year 1999 on the subject of the Establishment of Tertiary Educational Institutions as Corporate Bodies, Governmental Regulation no. 153 year 2000 about the Establishing of Gadjah Mada University as National Corporation (BHMN); decree of the National Education Minister of Indonesian Republic, no. 232/u/2000 concerning the Orientation of the Composing of the Tertiary Educational Curriculum and the Student Evaluation and Gadjah Mada Rectorial Decree no. 80/P/SK/PD/2001 dated October 1st 2001 on the subject of the Orientation of the Tertiary Educational Curriculum Composition of Bachelor Program for study programs in Gadjah Mada university, it is declared that Gadjah Mada university is a tertiary educational institution that holds programs for academic education and professional education.
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